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Transformative Resilience, Book Coming 2017, Hachette Book Group

The notion of Transformative Resilience™, the ability to grow from change, stress or trauma and spring forward, couldn't feel any more relevant as events in the UK and Europe reach the shores of the US and the rest of the world and shake businesses globally. They remind us how interconnected our nations, economies and cultures are and the extent to which that has a bearing on the stresses, changes and challenges we face in the day to day in our personal and professional lives. Additionally, the increase in psychological service referrals in the two weeks following the Brexit vote reminds us that in many respects the global is personal.

As the world becomes increasingly volatile, we are being tested time and again. Our challenge today is not to outpace stress, adversity, and momentous change, it is to meet them head-on, learn from them and use them to our advantage.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce our book deal with Public Affairs/ Hachette Book Group to bring our work on Transformative Resilience to bookstores near you in 2017. See the official announcement below:

Ama Marston, an internationally recognized thought-leader and advisor on resilient, inclusive and values-driven business and leadership, and Stephanie Marston, a psychologist and acclaimed expert who specializes in working with organizations on issues of stress and resilience, use compelling stories and cutting edge research to bridge the individual and global perspectives on resilience.

In "Transformative Resilience" they boldly posit that we must use today’s unprecedented levels of disruption as a catalyst for growth and also identify the characteristics required to spring forward rather than simply bounce back in times of upheaval and change in our personal lives, businesses, and communities. (Public Affairs/ Hachette Book Group, Fall 2017)

We are fortunate to be working with one of the top publishers for thought leaders today. Public Affairs prides itself on publishing “good books about things that matter”. This is reflected by a list of authors that include Nobel Laureates like Muhhamed Yunus founder of micro-credit, businessman and philanthropist George Soros, Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, business leaders like Robin Chase co-founder of Zipcar and Laura Carstensen, Guggenheim fellow and founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity.

If you would like more information about the book, would like to share a story or would like to find out more about speaking engagements and consulting services, please contact us.

Email: info@marstonconsulting.org

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